AEM Education and Training 02: A Global Health Milestones Tool

Welcome to the second episode of AEM Education and Training, a podcast collaboration between the Academic Emergency Medicine E&T Journal and Brown Emergency Medicine. Each quarter, we'll give you digital open access to an AEM E&T Article or Article in Press, with an author interview podcast and links to curated supportive educational materials for EM learners and medical educators.

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A FOAM Collaboration: Academic Emergency Medicine Journal and Brown EM

A FOAM Collaboration: Academic Emergency Medicine Journal and Brown EM

Discussing open access article (with link to full text):

Development of a Global Health Milestones Tool for Learners in Emergency Medicine: A Pilot Project. Katherine Douglass, Gabriel Jacquet, et al. AEM Education and Training 2017;1:269-279.

Milestones have been a hot topic in medical education, particularly with the implementation of a milestones-based assessment tool across all residencies in emergency medicine. This week we discuss the creation of milestones for emergency medicine learners involved in global medicine.



Katherine Douglass MD MPH

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Global Health

Director, Global Health Fellowship

The George Washington University



OBJECTIVE: Recognizing the vast array of global medicine opportunities available for emergency medicine learners (including students, residents and fellows) and the inherent challenge of assessing these learners, this paper outlines the process of the creation of a milestones-based “standardized assessment tool.”


METHODS: A working group involving over a dozen stakeholders used an iterative process to develop milestones for learners based on learning domains created by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s Education Committee.


RESULTS:  A standardized milestones assessment tool was created, with five levels of competency across eleven different domains. For example, in the “Sociocultural and Political Awareness Domain,” a Level 1 learner “demonstrate[s] understanding of general concepts [of] cultural proficiency…” while a Level 5 learner “creates of strengthens multidisciplinary partnerships across organizations…”


CONCLUSIONS: The authors developed a standardized framework for assessing learners in global emergency medicine. Their next steps include disseminating this tool to assess its effectiveness.



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