AEM Education and Training 03: Not Another (Boring) Bedside Lecture

Welcome to the third episode of AEM Education and Training, a podcast collaboration between the Academic Emergency Medicine E&T Journal and Brown Emergency Medicine. Each quarter, we'll give you digital open access to an AEM E&T Article or Article in Press, with an author interview podcast and links to curated supportive educational materials for EM learners and medical educators.

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Not another bedside lecture: Active learning techniques for clinical instruction. Merritt C, Munzer BW, Wolff M, Santen SA . AEM Education and Training. 2018, 2(1):48-50. 

LISTEN now:Interview with lead author chris merritt, md, MPH, FAAP

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Chris Merritt, MD, MPH, FAAP

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics

Interim Residency Program Director, Pediatrics

Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University

QUICK Summary:

Tired of the same old bedside teaching routine you've been trying with your learners, or looking to expand your repertoire? Merritt et al. tackle this common concern in a brief article highlighting rapidly implementable strategies that you can use to help enhance learning in the clinical environment. Examples include:

"The Muddiest Point:" Ask learners to reflect on an aspect of a case that was vague or unclear. Use this as launching point for further discussion. 

"Harvesting:" Ask learners to reflect on a case using the phrases "So what?" and "Now what?" as mechanisms to consider an important clinical point and how they will implement this information with future patient encounters.

"Thinking Hats:" Encourage the learner to consider a patient case from various perspectives such as the patient, family member or nursing. 


Additional resources:

EM Cases Episode 98:  Teaching On Shift

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Faculty editor: Dr Gita Pensa