AEM Education and Training 04: Learning Analytics In Medical Education Assessment

Welcome to the fourth episode of AEM Education and Training, a podcast collaboration between the Academic Emergency Medicine E&T Journal and Brown Emergency Medicine. Each quarter, we'll give you digital open access to AEM E&T Articles or Articles in Press, with an author interview podcast and links to curated supportive educational materials for EM learners and medical educators.

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A FOAMed/MedEd collaboration between Brown EM and Academic Emergency Medicine

A FOAMed/MedEd collaboration between Brown EM and Academic Emergency Medicine

Discussing: (click on title for article access)

Learning Analytics in Medical Education Assessment: The Past, The Present and The Future. Chan, T., Sebok-Syer, S., Thoma, B., Wise, A., Sherbino, J. and Pusic, M.  AEM Education and Training, April 2018.




Teresa Chan


Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine

Division of Emergency Medicine

Program Director, Clinician Educator AFC

McMaster University


This article provides an overview of the potential for learning analytics tools to help assess emergency medicine residents. The authors situate medical learning analytics within the context of competency-based education while providing suggestions for potential areas for implementation of these techniques into resident evaluation. Authors are careful to note the data inputs, database creation and data analysis potentially performed by learning analytic techniques “should be driven by both evidence and theory.”  

Further Reading:

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2. Chan TM, Sherbino J, Mercuri M. Nuance and Noise: Lessons Learned From Longitudinal Aggregated Assessment Data. J Grad Med Educ. 2017;(December).