What's Asynchrony EM?

It's #FOAMed -- curated!

Asynchrony EM is in its third year as an independent digital course at Brown EM. It is intended for emergency medicine professionals, and is not to be used as medical advice for laypersons.

Following our curricular calendar, digital modules are created that weave existing digital content (largely #FOAMed material) into faculty-directed asynchronous modules. It's a way to organize online educational material into a faculty-vetted, manageable, up-to-date curriculum in EM -- and now we are offering it as an open access contribution to the #FOAMed world. And now check out Asynchrony PEM -- pediatric EM posts curated by Brown's PEM fellows!

For more on how the course is structured for Brown EM residents, who must complete modules in an online learning management system (with a mandatory discussion post and quiz) to achieve asynchronous / III credits, see this featured post in ALiEM's IDEA Series.

We'll continue to release modules as we go forward! Check out our weekly theme song, the 'optional extras', and leave your comments to our discussion questions or ideas about other applicable #FOAMed materials in the comment section. 

And send us your theme song ideas--we're always looking for those!




Asynchrony PEM (Peds EM)

Neurology and Psychiatry/Behavioral


More modules coming...stay tuned!