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An Interview with Dr. Amal Mattu

In this episode, Dr. Mattu delivers thoughtful commentary on-- you guessed it-- emergent EKG findings, but also offers us a unique tour though his career path. He gives us feedback on how he developed his career path, tips on navigating academic medicine and how to fit in teaching during hectic ED shifts. 

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Money Minutes #3

 In this, our third episode, we discuss the opportunities for physicians to build wealth outside of the traditional W2. Our focus this month looks at the tax benefits of having 'physician partners', S corps, C corps, LLCs that are taxed as C corps, and those opportunities that involve 1099 Income.

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Money Minutes #2

This month's discussion delves into the myriad changes brought on by new tax code. Will it be tax armageddon or tax heaven for those of us in medicine? Money Minutes focuses on the unique challenges facing physicians and the topic of financial well-being; as well as providing guidance in formulating strategies for a lifetime of security.


An Interview with Dr. Arlene Chung

In this episode of the Brown EM Podcast we hear how Dr. Chung rose to become one of the most prominent names in physician wellness. She addresses the issues of physician burnout, physician suicide and discusses some current initiatives designed to foster a supportive culture and maintain resiliency. Find out what Dr. Chung views as some of medicine’s biggest hurdles and hear her advice for tackling them throughout your career.

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Money Minutes #1

A monthly podcast to help provide fellow physicians with a solid foundation of financial knowledge. Money Minutes focuses on the unique challenges facing physicians and the topic of financial well-being; as well as providing guidance in formulating strategies for a lifetime of security. Our guest is Katherine Vessenes, JD, CFP®, RFC, Founder and President of MD Financial Advisors

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An Interview with Dr. Rich Levitan

Dr. Levitan talks about the development of his career, offers his advice for learners, and shares his top airway stories. In Part Two (at the 27:00 min mark) he goes on to discuss his airway device development, including the now famous Airway Cam.

Welcome to AEM Early Access, a collaboration between the Academic Emergency Medicine Journal and Brown University Emergency Medicine. Each month we give you early digital access to an AEM article in press, with open access for a limited period of time, and an author interview. Click below to access the post containing the audio interview, article summary, and links to related #FOAMed learning resources.

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Discussing Mental Health-Related Emergency Department Visits Associated with Cannabis in Colorado. 

Author: Dr. Andrew A. Monte

Interviewed by: Dr. Adam Haag

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Discussing Syncope Prognosis Based on Emergency Department Diagnosis: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Authors: Dr. Christian Toarta and Dr. Thiruganasambandamoorthy

Interviewed by: Dr. Tess Wiskel



Discussing Behavioral Changes in Children After Emergency Department Procedural Sedation.

Lead Author: Dr. Jean Pearce

Interviewed by: Dr. Matin Shah

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Discussing Human Factors and Simulation in Emergency Medicine.

Lead Author: Dr. Emily Hayden

Interviewed by: Dr. Rebecca Karb

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Discussing Patients Visiting Multiple Emergency Departments: Patterns, Costs and Risk Factors

Lead Author: Dr. Todd Lyons

Interviewed by: Dr. Anu Ganapathy



Discussing Prehospital Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Cohort Study

Lead Author: Dr. Alexis Cournoyer

Interviewed by: Dr. Thomas Ross



Discussing A 0-Hour/1-Hour Protocol for Safe, Early Discharge of Chest Pain Patients

Lead Author: Dr Arash Mokhtari

Interviewed by: Dr. Michael Prucha

Discussing Ketamine as an Adjunct to Opioids for Acute Pain in the Emergency Department: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Lead Author: Dr. Karen Bowers

Interviewed by: Dr. Thomas Ross


Discussing Point-of-care Ultrasound for Non-angulated Distal Forearm Fractures in Children: Test performance Characteristics and Patient-centered Outcomes

Lead Author: Dr. Naveen Poonai

Interviewed by: Dr. Gita Pensa

AEM early access education and training

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Discussing Learning Analytics in Medical Education Assessment: The Past, The Present and The Future

Lead Author: Dr. Teresa Chan

Interviewed by: Dr. Rory Merritt

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Discussing Not Another Bedside Lecture: Active Learning Techniques for Clinical Instruction

Lead Author: Dr. Chris Merritt

Interviewed by: Dr. Rory Merritt



Discussing Development of a Global Health Milestones Tool for Learners in Emergency Medicine: A Pilot Project

Lead Author: Dr. Katherine Douglass 

Interviewed by: Dr. Chris Merritt




Discussing Emergency Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference and Culture of Safety: The Resident Perspective

Lead Author: Dr. Kathleen Wittels

Interviewed by: Dr. Gita Pensa